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I'm a new dentist (graduated in '09) and was looking for some suggestions for CE. What course has helped you the most? What about a series of courses (i.e. Frank Spears, Scottsdale Institute, Kois, etc). Any feed back would be appreciated.

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Paul, it seems you are on the right track just by asking the question. I  have been in practice since 1986... yea I am old.

 I would recommend you find a  dental  philosophy and then exhaust the curriculum( series of courses). I statred with Pankey> pac Live> Hornbrooke> Spears.

The continuum commitment  is the key.

  You could  develop the strategy to  complete the continuum 3-5 years depending of the affordability. Remember  the expense is not just  in the tuition but in the time out of the office and your continued operating cost when you are not there.

  Make the investment in yourself but shorten the learning curve. You will see a ROI.

Develop an annual CE budget and  add 10% for equipment and  system  investment. Probably the most important aspect is the staff "buy in" to your CE . Plan on training and retraining.  Take key staff to some of the continuum.

Hope this  helps 

You can not go wrong starting  with Spears et al.  


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