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Has anyone used their services? Interesting and wondering if some of our crown council members have worked with him. thanks, Ken

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I have used Jay Geir in a previous practice.  My advice - DON'T DO IT!!!!  For a first time exposure to his company, what was great about his process was that it was the first time I had been exposed to a consulting firm that walked the team through a New Patient phone call and recorded the call, had it evaluated and provided feedback to the team.  This was great, but there are definitely better New Patient phone call processes.  In 20 years of being in dentistry, the BEST by far, #1 top notch consulting team is ToPS!!!  Their new patient format process focuses on developing a "relationship link" with the patient thereby creating a WOW experience for the patient right from the phone call.  Yes, there are other services out there that can record the phone calls so that you can evaluate and coach your team with, but ToPS teaches the best New Patient phone call experience I have ever encountered!  You won't go wrong!  Your ROI will be worth every penny!

Run as fast as you can away from them!


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