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116 SKILL OF THE WEEK: Leave Your Baggage at the Door

Motivational expert, Zig Ziglar said years ago, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much your care.” In other words, be interested, not interesting. Don’t tell them about you and everything going on in your life. ASK them about them and everything going on in their life. Help them solve their problems, don’t expect them to solve yours.

Exercise: Make a list of questions you can use to be interested, not interesting. Use those questions to help discover the problems patients have with which you can help. You should know more about them than they ever know about you.

Action: Find an object, a plant, a tree or some other physical reminder outside the office or outside your home that will be the equivalent of your problem bush. Make a conscious effort to leave your baggage at the door every day so you can focus on patient care and talk to patients about what matters most to them, not what matters most to you. Leave you baggage at the door.


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