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What was the first thing you said to yourself when you woke up this morning? If you are like most people, it probably was not very nice! Maybe you hit the snooze button several times before you finally drug yourself out of bed, looked in the mirror and witnessed the fix up job you had to do in record time! Add on top of that a healthy dose of the news while you were getting ready and a mad dash to the office in traffic because you were running late, and you have the perfect setting for…a disastrous day!

Every day you wake up with a number: 1 thru 10. If it is a 1, it is going to be a horrible day. A 10? You’re going to take over the world. What number did you wake up with today? Just feel your forehead. That’s where your number is! What number do you feel? If you’re like most, it is something less than a 10. Isn’t that silly? Who picks the number? Say “I do!” You pick the number. So if you pick the number, why would you pick anything less than a “10?”


Exercise: Think of all the things you say to yourself that make you feel less than a 10. Now write down some things to replace those thoughts with what will make you feel like a 10. Things like “I’m a 10. I work with 10’s. I may treat everyone around me like a 10. The number I project, is the number I’ll eventually get back.”

Action: Make it a habit every day to pick the right number. Choose to be a 10. You’ll feel better and everyone around you will feel better too.

Now, go be a “10!”


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