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121 SKILL OF THE WEEK: Entropy

Do you have a sock drawer at home?  That’s right, a sock drawer!  How many socks do you have in that drawer that do not have a current mate?  Why do we do that?  If you’re like me it’s because you are afraid that the mate is going to show up the day after you throw all those one sock deals away!

The sock drawer problem has its origins in a natural law of physics called the law of entropy.  It says that matter gravitates to its lowest, most disorganized state or, the universe tends toward chaos.  Hence, your sock drawer, your clothes closet, your garage, and the dental office.  Things just come unraveled.  It’s a natural law.

Exercise: Make a list of your favorite questions to ask in order to get patient commitment to move forward.  Questions like, “Shall we go ahead and get that scheduled?"  "Do you see any reason why we shouldn’t go ahead and get this schedule today?”  Then rehearse those questions so they are part of how you naturally communicate.

Action: Make it your goal to schedule every patient for something before they leave the office.  If they walk out without a next appointment, you’ve just created another one sock deal!

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