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148 SKILL OF THE WEEK: Being On Time

There is nothing more frustrating to a dental team and annoying to a patient than a practice that runs behind. Time has become our most valuable asset. Years ago we would spend our time to save our money. We would take the time to change our own oil in the car, care for our own yard, do all of our own laundry, do all of the cooking…all to save money. Today, we spend our money to save time.

The leading cause of a practice that runs behind is…starting behind…starting late. If you start late at the beginning of your day or first thing after lunch, you are almost guaranteed to run behind for the rest of the day.

Starting on time every day begins with a commitment from every member of the team. That commitment is grounded in this philosophy: “When you’re early, your on time. When you’re on time, you’re late and when you are late, you’re lost.”


Exercise: Make a list of all your best personal “I’m sorry I’m late” excuses, including traffic, sleeping in, kids were impossible this morning, the dog took my keys and more. Resolve to be early by just creating the habit of arriving everywhere you go 10 or fifteen minutes early.

Action: Be personally known as someone who can be relied upon to be on time. And the only way to be on time is… to be early.

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