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149 SKILL OF THE WEEK: You're On Stage

Just like that actor is putting on a performance in the theater, you are also “on stage” every day. From the moment you walk through the door to the time you go home, “You’re on stage.” Being on stage means doing your best and putting on your best professional performance for every patient at every appointment. You’re on stage.


Exercise: Find a place in the office that every team member passes at the beginning of the day where you can place a small sign that says “You’re on stage.” That will be the daily reminder to everyone on the team to bring their best to work every day.

Action: Make the commitment at home and at the office to be “on stage.” Find your own problem bush outside the office or outside your door at home to unload your worries and your problems so you can be “on stage” for those who need you most. You’re on stage.



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