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153 SKILL OF THE WEEK: Happy To Do It!

A common expression has crept into our daily vocabulary when responding to requests for help or expressions of gratitude.  That expression is “No problem.”  “Could you help me move this box?”  “No problem.”  “Thanks for your help.”  “No problem.”  “No problem, no problem, no problem.”  What’s the word that stands out to you that resonates and continues to ring?  “Problem.”  What we might have intended to say, turns out to be the opposite.  If you say it’s not a problem, I can promise you that what you have communicated is that it is…a problem.  


How do you respond when someone asks you for a favor or thanks you? Instead of saying “no problem” which leaves you feeling like it is a problem, you could respond instead by saying “Happy to do it.” It’s hard to say the word “happy” without feeling happy. It’s hard to say “Happy to do it,” without a smile coming to your face.



Exercise: Decide what your response will be from now on to requests for help or thank you expressions.

Action: Form the habit of saying “Happy to do it” when someone asks you for your help or says “thank you.” Being happy to do it and saying so, will make you happier and the other person happier too!

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