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Humanitarian Trips

The Crown Council through the Smiles for Life Foundation and Smiles for Hope with our partners at Esperanza International in the Dominican Republic organize at least two trips each year to help the very poorest of the poor in the Dominican Republic.  

Through our partners at Choice Humanitarian we also travel twice each year to Guatemala (March and September)    Each trip to the Dominican Republic includes approximately 45 Crown Council members ( 6-7 Doctors) along with team and family members.  Each trip to Guatemala includes approximately 30 Crown Council members (4-5 doctors) along with team and family members.  

Reservation information for upcoming trips can be made through Erin Zito at the Crown Council office.  She can be reached at (800) 276-9658 or   You will need to fill out the form at this link to make your reservation:


The current cost for each individual is $1680.00 plus air travel to and from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or air travel to Guatemala City.  

All trips must be confirmed and payment made 6 months prior to departure.


     November 3rd, 2017 through November 11, 2017   THIS TRIP IS FULL
     March 2nd, 2018 through March 10th, 2018    THIS TRIP IS FULL
     November 2nd, 2018 through November 10th, 2018

     September 15th, 2017  through September 23rd, 2017   THIS TRIP IS FULL
     March 2nd, 2018 through March 10th, 2018
     September 14th through September 22nd, 2018   

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