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Our Purpose

In 1996 a group of forward-looking dentists along with Steven J. Anderson, Walter Hailey and Greg Anderson, founded the Crown Council to provide a place where those who were committed to continual improvement could come together to share ideas and to create a culture of success personally, professionally, and in their respective communities.  

Everyone who is part of the Crown Council agrees to share the very best of what they have.  The value of the group is increased with each new member who is willing to share their experience, insight, and knowledge.  As a Crown Council member you not only have access to all of the Crown Council’s educational resources but you also have access to the collective knowledge and insight of over 1,000 practices who, with you, are endeavoring to create a culture of success.  Inside the Crown Council you will never practice alone.   

Today, the Crown Council is an international network of over one thousand practices.  The Crown Council’s mission is accomplish through the following benefits available to all members: 

  1. The Crown Council’s expanding resources of webinars, team meeting videos, online seminars, skill training videos, mentor interviews, practice interviews and other educational aides to keep your team trained and re-trained, motivated and delivering the most exceptional service in your market creating patients who repeat and refer. 
  2. The Crown Council is the place where the great minds in dentistry come together to share the best of what they are doing in the clinical, management and marketing areas of practice so you can “copy genius.”  Never practice alone again as the Crown Council membership is always close through the email network and online forums.  
  3. Crown Council practices lead the industry in making the community, the country and the world a better place by doing good in many creative and meaningful ways.  For the past 20 years Crown Council members have contributed their time and services through the Smiles for Life Foundation

The Crown Council attracts the best-of-the-best in dentistry because of the philosophy of vision, mentoring and doing good that members hold in common.  You are invited to be part of the Crown Council membership.  

Join Us

Become a member of the Crown Council by filling out this online membership application.  After your application has been submitted it will reviewed and you will be sent a training and orientation program to help engage you with all of the benefits of belonging.  

If you would like to speak to a member of the Crown Council team about membership please call the office 800-276-9658 and ask for Stuart Anderson or send him an email 

Culture Building Tools (samples) 

Yes You Can! with Dick Hoyt
Having a Business that Matters with David Neeleman

Happy To Do It (Skill of the Week) with Steve Anderson
Rule of 80/20 (Skill of the Week) with Steve Anderson
Self Talk (Skill of the Week) with Steve Anderson


Save Your Back with Dr. Eric Goodman
Your Stress with Jack Fairchild
Why Case Presentations Fail (webinar)

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