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"How to attract more Baby Boomer Patients NOW!"
with Kristie Boltz from myDentalCMO and - June 21, 2017 

It’s no secret that the Baby Boomer generation is one of the largest in America. With an average of 10,000 Boomer turning 65 every day, their consumer preferences are are maturing and changing.

In this webinar for the entire team, dental marketing guru, Kristie Nation Boltz will reveal:

- What you need to do NOW to attract more Boomers.

- What’s on the Boomers’ mind and how you can appeal to what they are looking for.

- How Boomers are changing and how you can adapt.

- Specific things your entire team can do TODAY to attract new Boomer patients and increase your case acceptance success.

And much, much more.

Don’t miss this hour of idea-packed training for the entire team that will keep you ahead, on top, and out in front of your market.

CLICK HERE for PDF of Webinar

Webinar Library #50 "Help New Patients Find YOU Through Social Media!”

Join My Social Practice Managing Partner Jack Hadley as he explores:

  • Understanding the difference between branding with social media and MARKETING with social media.
  • Creating content that strengthens relationships AND affects search engine results.
  • Demonstrating things that YOU can start doing immediately inside your practice to attract new patients.

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