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WEBINAR LIBRARY #54 "Secrets of Attracting More New Patients with Cause Related Marketing" 
- The latest developments in cause related marketing.
- How to attract new patients while “doing good” in your community.
- How to harness the marketing power of your existing patients.
- The myths of social media marketing.
- What you can do differently from the competition to attract  the best patients.
- What’s new with Smile for Life and how it can positively impact your practice.
and much, much more


WEBINAR LIBRARY #53 "Do You Take My Insurance"

  • Secrets of going insurance independent in an era of declining reimbursement.
  • The Formula for determining if your practice is ready to go insurance independent TODAY.
  • What you need to do NOW to prepare for coming insurance changes tomorrow.
  • What practices do to increase production and profits when reimbursement gets slashed.
  • Bye-Bye Delta Premier and what you can do if you are a provider.
  • “Do you take may insurance?” Secrets of responding to your patients’ insurance concerns successfully.
  • Develop your strategy for successfully navigating today’s changing dental insurance landscape.

Presented by:
Steven J. Anderson & Pam Peterson 

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Webinar Library #52 Insurance Coding Mistakes

Don’t miss this webinar for the entire team packed with new CDT changes for 2018 AND proven ideas to increase your practice success in the face of declining frees and reduced insurance reimbursement.

What you’ll discover:

· Miss Coded! The biggest coding mistakes and what you can do to make sure you don’t make them!
· Not Coded. The 3 most underutilized codes and how to use them correctly.
· “Do you take my insurance?” How to schedule the patient whether you are contracted or not!
· You’re not getting paid! Proven narrative secrets commonly missed that increase reimbursement.
· Paid less to Paid More. Inside practices to increase your results in the face of declining fees.
· Fraud! What you may be doing to commit insurance fraud and what you can do to protect yourself.
· Claims Paid! Details proven to increase the chances of getting your claims paid the first time.
· The Dental Premier disappearing act...and what practices are doing to compensate.
· “Will my insurance cover this?” And how to respond to help the patient say “Yes!” to treatment.
And much, much more!
Do it right, right NOW! Increase your accuracy, claims paid, and total collections for maximum reimbursement.

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