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Young Dentist Program


The Young Dentist program is an exclusive program offered only through the Crown Council to qualified and approved candidates.  We look forward to hearing back from you with your nomination and to hosting some of dentistry’s finest new talent.  

The program features:

  • 3 mentoring weekends with Dr. David Hornbrook and the team at Utah Valley Dental Lab.
  • Candidates select a deserving patient from their practice to receive a smile makeover.
  • A one-of-a-kind opportunity to be personally mentored by one of dentistry’s finest clinicians.
  • Technical training and mentoring from top technicians in the industry from Utah Valley Dental Lab.
  • Mentoring from other top industry experts in the areas of marketing, case acceptance and practice planning.

To apply to participate in the 2018 Young Dentist Program follow these steps: 

1) Register to belong to the Crown Council membership. Every participant must be a registered member of the Crown Council. 

You will need to join us for the 23rd Annual Event in 2018. This is the first time the 2018 Young Dentist Program will meet.  Every participant must attend this part of the program. During the first diagnostic session held in conjunction with the Crown Council Annual Event, Young Dentists will discuss smile design, occlusion, prep design, cementation and dental materials and will work together to create a treatment plan on their selected case. The selected patient will be invited to have the smile makeover without cost and through the guiding hand of Dr. David Hornbrook and the team at Utah Valley Dental Lab.

2) Nominations will be evaluated and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until available seats are filled with nominations be closed no laster than November 1, 2017.  

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