Hello everyone!

My name is Matt Dudek and I am a 3rd year dental student at Temple Dental School in Philadelphia.  I was introduced to the crown council through my two mentors who are also crown council members. I have also strengthened my relationship with Steve Anderson through Eagle University, where I am returning as a team leader for my fourth year. 

I have a goal to set up my mentor network by the end of my 3rd year in dental school, and I need your help! My five year goal is to be second in command at a private office with intention to own. My ten year goal is to own/co-own a private dental office where my employees love to come to work. I do have a special interest in implants. 

If you fit this description or know someone who would be willing to mentor, any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a fantastic year ahead!

Best wishes,

Matt Dudek


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Dang Matt! You can tell an EagleU grad when you see one! Love your plan. You are light years ahead of most guys coming out of school and even a lot of those who are 5 years out of school.

I'd love to help you in any way that I can. I've made most of the mistakes that can be made in the areas you've mentioned but I've also gotten to the point where own a successful and inspiring practice with people who love coming to work.

So any advice I can provide, I'm willing and excited.

Best of luck!

Kris Heap

Kris! You are the perfect example of a crown council dentist for offering your help. I'll reach out to you privately.


You should join our Young Dentist Program for 2019. Perfect place to grow a Mastermind Group and learn from CC mentors. 

We are taking applications now https://www.youngdentistprogram.com 



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