Looking for the proper settings for a Canon 40D settings for some intra oral photos. Can anyone help us out? Thanks.

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Hi Devin!   Great choice of camera.   The main thing to consider is switching your camera to "M" Manual mode.  And then enter our settings we use in our courses so your camera knows how to capture intra oral photos the best.   Are you using a 100mm lens and a ring flash?  That is what I recommend.  This is more than I can explain in a post.... but try these settings first.

M Mode

Shutter Speed 60

Aperture setting 32

ISO Setting 100

White balance "Flash"

Ring Flash Setting "ETTL"

Those settings will give you a good starting point.  

Thanks, Dr. Hammond! 

Yes - we have a 100mm lens. We are in the process of getting a flash. Thank you so much for the info!

Great! Those settings will only work with a ring flash. Also, our Young Dentist Program has a photo “Cheat Sheet” that list the settings. Email Stuart and have him send it to you. Stuart@CrownCouncil.org.


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