Hi crowns, I am looking for an implant course. I am not well versed with surgical aspect of dentistry. So I need a beginner's  course. any suggestions?

Poorva Parnaik. D.M.D.


Dental Creations,LLC


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I know this is a very delayed response, but I attended a course at the Engel Institute (they have courses in multiple cities). Its 2 days of lecture and then on day 3 they have patients lined up for your to place implants on while instructors watch and guide you. I have not stopped raving about this course since I attended it a year and a half ago. Dr. Engel breaks down the steps and makes it dummy proof. He helps teach you how to identify straight forward cases that don't require CT scans or guides. Treats the entire process like you are back in dental school and doing a class II filling for the first time. 

Thank you. I just came across your message. I look them up and looks very interesting.  How many implants have you placed since you did this course? Did you have to buy their implant motor? I appreciate your help. have a good weekend. 

Implant educators run through the university of Florida is just what you are looking for. The education and mentors will allow you develop any skill leve you want. I started where you are and have added to my practice, and patients.


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