Good afternoon, Crowns!

Our office is looking for recommendations for paperless software for health history updates, FAs, etc.

We currently have YAPI. It is not serving our needs the way we really need it to and we really only use it in the office for updating records. What we like most about it is that when a patient fills out a form, we are able to sync the information directly in to Dentrix. However, we're paying for a service that we're only using a single feature of, so we were hoping to find something similar that matches our needs. 

We did a demo for Dental Forms and appreciated the simplicity but disliked that we would still have to manually update records. With the volume of patients we see per day, it would not save any time to do it that way.

What software does your practice use? Do you find that it saves time in the waiting room? Have you had positive responses from your team/ patients?

Thank you!

-Catherine Wicker, 21st Century Dental and Sleep Center

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