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I have a 65 y.o. female patient who has Type IV periodontal issues.

Tooth #6 has a periapical abscess and is clinically non-restorable

she has had Reclast shots twice in the last 24 months.

I referred her to an Oral Surgeon who refused to extract #6 because he had recently had a bad experience with a patient on Reclast.  

It is my understanding that the duration of time while on Reclast is more the issue than whether they are currently on the drug.  

Any Thoughts?   I hate to leave this woman with no alternative than to constantly irrigate this draining tooth.

William R. Stringham, DDS

Fairfax, VA

Ultradent Boost 40% - tons of sensitivity!

Hi everyone! We are new to CC and SFL, and so we're also new to Ultradent's Boost whitening gel. My patients can't stand the sensitivity they are getting. 3 of 3 patients on Friday complained of the pain. Normally, we do zoom and we haven't had this same issue, but the concentration is a lot less. Anyone finding this issue? Would love to know how to reduce this frequency! Cheers!

-Nick Seddon


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