What have others done to build a recare program that is strong?

We pre appoint patients but the day of or day before patients begin to fall off of the schedule. I have tried to change the verbage that my schedulers use when calling and confirming I need ideas please!

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Patients need to know when they are scheduled that we are specifically reserving time just for them, so they can continue to maintain that high level of oral health that they told us they wanted. Kindly suggest that they put their reserved time on the calendar right then so they wont have conflicts come up at a later time. Thank them for making their smile a priority and ask them before they leave.. You will be here correct? Make them commit. Most people who commit will follow thru.
Also avoid giving them an out with comments like if this doesn't work for you, we will find something else. Then they already know you will reschedule them. Finally, if they do fall off last minute ALWAYS reschedule them 6 weeks out. Let them know your schedule is very busy but if you get a change in it, you will keep them on the list and call them to move up to a sooner appointment. Even if you have several openings, you need them to perceive your time as valuable. You can always call them in a few days to fill an opening. Those are my best tips.


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