Has anyone used Weave for their phone service?  We were thinking of trying their service this summer and wanted to know if other doctors had good/bad experiences with their system. 

Dr Gonzales

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Just signed up!  Not used yet, however.

Update - We went live with our Weave phone system 2 weeks ago.  The process was pretty streamlined, however that is with a lot of proactive planning on my part.  We had to make sure we had the right internet and the right firewall/router to make the system work.  We made those changes well ahead of time.  We also had to make sure that our modem was bridged which impacted the wifi capabilities at our office.  The phone system itself is working great and it took about a week to get our front desk comfortable with the new technology.  

The most impactful thing is to have patient balances and which family members are not scheduled available when a call comes in.  Also the ability to listen to calls in an iPhone like interface is so easy.  There is reporting on calls which is fantastic. The review capabilities are outstanding.  Glad we made the switch. 

Dr Gonzales


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