Our latest Team Meeting comes from Dan Heath’s Annual Event message about creating ideas that are “Made to Stick”. What’s your practice’s obsession? How do you get patients to talk about it?

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We have a salt water aquarium in our office.  It is over 400 gallons and has become a hot topic of conversation among our patients. We are constantly adding rare and unique fish, corals and other things to the aquarium.  In fact, we have Facebook contests for the kids to name certain fish, shrimp, clams, starfish, etc. We also have created an aquarium fact book with pictures of the different corals and animals next to their official name, given name and interesting facts about them.  Because we are in a building with other dentists and specialists, their patients will also stop by and ask about the aquarium...and sometimes they will make an appointment with us.

I follow Dr. Theurer's office Facebook page and watching his fish naming contest was a blast.  Everyone loved seeing the new additions to the tank and coming up with crazy names.  


We did a "Practice of the Month" interview with Dr. Theurer in April of 2010 where you can see his 400 gallon adventure.  

We are frontdeskless!  Years ago our office completely removed the front desk and moved all the "business" to the operatory.  Scheduling appointments, payments, insurance, financial arrangments, etc.  EVERYTHING takes place in the treatment room!  Our obsession includes ensuring that patients are greeted personally by a team member as they walk in the front door.....personally walking them to the operatory....and the same team member personally walks them back to the front door after their dental experience is completed.   Their entire dental experience (Clinical and non clinical) is carried out by one team member (plus the dentist). We obsess about one on one personal service.  One of our secrets is a small hidden camera outside our front door that feeds streaming video to any computer monitor on our network.  This helps us with our goal of greeting people by name the moment they walk in.  We think its cool when we notice other businesses using the frontdeskless theme.  Been to an Apple store lately? :-)
I am a patient at Hammond & Ellis. I agree that the way in which they handle patients is something that their patients talk about. It is really rare and I think people notice and appreciate it. I think each member of my family feels personal connections with team members. The frontdeskless approach really supports that. My two cents...

I've been to your practice and right when I walked in I thought "where do I...." and before I could finish my thought I was greeted by Tonya.  I thought it was a really nice way to make your guests/patients feel important.  I've been in hundreds of practices, I don't remember all of them but I do remember Hammond and Ellis! Great idea.


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