We have had a number of requests at the Crown Council office to start a discussion about what people are reading and how they like it.   Here is an opportunity for you to enter into a Crown Council Discussion and add information about a great book you'd recommend to the rest of the Group.

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For those of you at the Annual Event, you might be interested in purchasing a copy of Dave Crenshaw's new book, "The Focused Business".   I've just finished reading it.  As you remember, Dave taught us a great deal about the Myth's of Multitasking.  In this book he is mastering the perfect recipe for small business success.  I recommend it.   Greg Anderson

Daniel Pink's new book...To Sell is Human.....is excellent.  I have enjoyed all of his books.

Shawn Achor 's book...The Happiness Advantage.... is also excellent. Heard him lecture earlier this year....wonderful!

Jeb Blount's book....People Buy You.....also very good. Good perspective on relationships and influence in sales.


Books by Marc Cooper, DDS.

"Mastering the Business of Practice, "Running on Emoty", and "Valuocity".  These are books I have read of his that are very good.  He does have other books.

I read a lot of business books and this is my favorite from the last 6 months.  It's from the Franklin Covey institute and is based off thousands of implementations of a process they use to help companies reach their goals. 

Great ideas are great, but without a system to execute them, great ideas die a quiet death. This book is about how to implement ideas in any organization that require behavioral changes from the team. 

You can skip the last part which only applies to enormous Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. 

"Halftime" by Bob Buford

I am currently reading the book above.  It was recommended by a friend who recently retired and went to a small group expierence with this group.  He recommended the book to me as I am getting to the same point.

The books premise is that you are at the midpoint in life and maybe have some financial freedom and are wondering what to do from this point.  It helps you sort out the skills and how they might be applied for Gods kingdom instead of just searching for your personal security.  It has a forward by Peter Drucker and Jim Collins.  I found this book very thought provoking and helped me clarify my unique path.  Pete Urbanik


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