Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring my team to the Event?

YES! Absolutely! Over half of the offices attending the Crown Council Annual Event bring their team to the Event! They make plans early, they have a financial plan to earn and save money, they nominate each other for awards, they work on the Qualified Membership Requirements..... and they look forward to the Annual Event all year long. Bringing your entire team to the Event is a fabulous idea. It helps your entire team to be on the same page and get energized and motivated as they return to the office.


Should I bring my spouse to the Annual Event? Would he/she enjoy it?

YES! Absolutely! About 90% of the Crown Council Membership bring their partner to the Event. Most of the speakers and break-out session material can be applied to practically any business or personal situation, so even if your partner isn’t in the dental industry, they will still enjoy all of the planned activities. Plus, they get to enjoy the amazing M Resort and Spa!


Who can attend the Event?

ANY MEMBER of the Crown Council can attend the Annual Event and may bring their spouse, their family, and their team members. You DO NOT have to be a Qualified Member to attend. You DO NOT have to be a participant in Smiles for Life to attend. Every member of the Crown Council is welcome! In fact, if you know a “like-minded- Eagle” dentist friend who you think would be interested in coming, invite them to come with you. Every year we have a few Crown Council Members who invite a dental friend to join them. By the end of the weekend, they are learning and sharing with the group and have joined our unique culture.


How much does it cost to attend the Event?

The price for each attendee to the event is $995. This price is the same whether you are the doctor, spouse or team member. The price includes the Event on Friday and Saturday, three meals both days including the Crown Council Awards dinner and your attendance at the celebration party on Friday night. You also have an invitation to attend the free afternoon of training Thursday January 26th.


Can I bring my children?

Teenage and college age children are most definitely welcome to attend the Event at the regular $995.00 price. If you have small children, you are welcome to bring them, may wish to check with the M Resort to see about a Kids daycare. If you have children attending with you who are not attending the meeting, you can purchase a special “meals only” package for all meals on Friday and Saturday (including the Awards dinner and Saturday Celebration) for $400.00.


What if I have a team member of spouse that only wants to attend the Dinners?

That is absolutely fine. To attend both dinners the price is $200.00. That also includes the entertainment for that night.



What if I have special meal requests?

If you have special meal requirements, please let us know as early as possible. Generally, the hotel is very helpful with special diet concerns.


What are other Crown Council offices doing to earn money to attend the Event?

* Participate in the Micro Dental Access Rewards program. For each $10,000 in lab work you process through Micro Dental, they will pay the tuition for one person to attend the Annual Event. Contact Micro Dental for Access Rewards information. * Designate 50% of the monthly bonuses earned to your office Annual Event fund.

  • If you don’t usually work on Friday, choose selected Fridays throughout the year to work. Everyone works without pay and 50% of the collected money earned that day goes to the fund. * All products such as BreathRX, Electronic Toothbrushes, Waterpics, etc. are sold and all money goes to the fund. * For every crown sold 3-6 months, $50 gets put into the fund. * For every completed case of $5,000, $500 goes into the fund until the cost is covered. * If daily production goals are met, put $25 in the Annual Event fund. * If you have a cleaning service, lawn care, or any outside service being used by the office, take on those jobs and put the money that the services charged into the Annual Event Fund. * If the production goal for the day is a set amount and the team goes over the goal, put 25% of the overage into the Annual Event Fund. * One office took the creative route and sold all their scrap metal and used EBay to sell products and equipment they no longer used. They made close to $3000.00. It can’t be done every year but it definitely can be done at least once. * Some offices that participate in Smiles for Life don’t just do it from March until June. Although the rest of the eight months they don’t get free whitening kits they still use the money they make towards whitening and put it towards their Annual Event fund.


When should I arrive at the Event?

-If you are a Lifetime Qualified Member (you have been a Qualified Member for 5 years or more) and would like to attend the Lifetime Qualified Member Activity you should arrive at the M Resort and Spa before Thursday, January 26th, 2011 at 6:30pm. -If you are playing in the Ron Wickum Memorial Golf Tournament you should arrive in time for the shotgun start at 8:00am Thursday January 26th, 2012

-If you are attending the FREE Seminar on Thursday, you should plan on arriving Thursday, January 26th, 2012 before 2:00pm.

-If you are only coming to the Annual Event for Friday and Saturday, you should plan on arriving Thursday evening January 26th, 2012 as we will be starting very early on Friday morning. -All activities will end late Saturday Night, January 28th after the Awards Dinner and program.


How can we as a team get the most out of our Annual Event experience?

1. Become a Qualified Member Office. Go to to get your forms to get started

  1. Participate in the Members Choice Awards. Nominate each other to receive awards. 

3. Check-In together. 

  1. Be early to all the speakers and break-out sessions.

 5. Dress nice. (Or, you could even all dress the same, so everyone knows you are a


  1. Get a good seat. Sit up front! 
  2. Sit together. 
  3. Take good notes. 

9. Plan to meet as a team a couple times during the Event to talk about your yearly plans

and goals. 

10. Drs. Chris Hammond and Chad Ellis of the Crown Council have brought their team

to the last 12 Annual Events. They always do numbers 1 – 9 listed above, plus.....

Throughout the year, during their weekly meetings, Dr. Hammond assigns each team member to present a topic that was covered at the Annual Event in more depth. He does NOT pre-assign these topics before the Event. So, each team member MUST pay attention and take notes during each speaker and break-out session.... Because throughout the year, they could be asked to present any topic covered. This is a great way to make sure you are all there, paying attention and taking notes. Because..... YOU might be the one presenting the information again to the team!


What should I wear to the Event?

In January, the Average High Temperature in Las Vegas is 60 degrees and the average low temperature is 34 degrees.

The attire for the Event is Business Casual. (This includes The Life-Time Qualified Member Activity, the Thursday Seminar, and all General Sessions for the Event) This means polo or button down shirts and nice slacks for men, and nice pants and shirts for women.

Attire for the Saturday Night Members Choice Awards Dinner is Black Tie Optional. This means suit and tie or tuxedo for men, and nice dresses and skirts for women.


How do I rent a Tuxedo for the Awards Dinner?

We will provide you with the name and contact information for a Tuxedo Rental Company in Las Vegas. Most likely, you will get your measurements at a local Tuxedo Store in your area, and then send your measurements to the Tuxedo Store in Vegas. You’ll be able to pick the style and kind of Tuxedo you would like. Your Tux will be waiting for you at the M Resort and Spa on the day before the Awards Dinner. You’ll be able to try on the tux to make sure it fits, and receive any needed alterations.


What is the refund policy for the Annual Event?

When you sign up for the Annual Event, The Crown Council charges $300.00 per person for a deposit. This deposit is fully refundable up until September 12thth, 2011. If you are making monthly payments, this $300.00 is regarded as your deposit.

All charges for the Annual Event are due (and your card will be charged) 30 days prior to the beginning of the Event. All Event costs are non-refundable after January 2nd, 2012. It is highly recommended that you arrange to pay the costs of the Annual Event in monthly installments. The Crown Council office is standing by to help you with this arrangement. You can call Annie at 1-800-276-9658 or email her at

If you have to cancel a reservation after September 12th, it is always a good option to invite someone to come in that person’s place so you don’t lose the $300.00 deposit. Our goal is to make the Annual Event as affordable as possible. One way we do that is committing early to the hotel and our event vendors on the number of attendees. We appreciate your early commitment which helps us plan our financial commitment to the hotel.

Thanks for helping us make the Crown Council’s 17th Annual Event a totally awesome, one-of-a-kind experience!

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