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Thank you to these Crown Council Resource Partners for their support of the Crown Council membership and their participation in the 17th Annual Event.

“We are different!”

We are different! We differ from all other patient financing companies in many ways:
a. We represent over 700 lenders nationwide, not just one bank
b. We offer over 6000 different loan products, not just a credit card
c. We finance loan amounts from $500 to $100,000
d. Our Provider Fees start at just 2.99%, not the normal 6-14%
e. We offer In Office Decisions, Installment Loans, 0% Interest programs and a variety of secured loan products
f. We offer a personal approach to patient financing and involve live Lending Consultants when necessary to get more approvals

We are better for your patients! By utilizing over 700 lenders nationwide and many in your local area, we are able to get more approvals and better rates/terms for the patients. In addition, by utilizing Lending Consultants with years of experience in banking, we are able to personally analyze the credit profiles of the more difficult cases and find creative solutions that work for your patients. We pride ourselves in saying, “if we can’t get the patient approved, then no one can.” We can get more of your patients approved, helping you bring in more revenue.
or Call Shaun Sorensen or ask for a Crown Council Representative at 800-602-6066
or email to Shaun Sorensen.


Cain, Watters & Associates, P.L.L.C. (CWA) is a CPA firm providing comprehensive financial planning, accounting and tax services to over 1,300 clients in 49 states. CWA is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. We view ourselves as a community of individuals dedicated to the accumulation, preservation and perpetuation of wealth. We provide a complete range of services designed to address both personal and professional financial concerns.
or Call Charles Loretto at 972-233-3323
or email to Charles Loretto.


“Are you a top 10% service level provider?”

contact: Jimmy Mercer

Do your patients know your "Standard of Care" policy? Do you consider your practice as a TOP 10%, service level provider? If so, apply to qualify and join the growing number of Dentists who are increasing "Recommended" case acceptance, adding value to restorative and cosmetic procedures, enhancing re-care visit activity and new bottom line profits by calling 214-300-1277 or emailing Jimmy Mercer to see if you qualify.

“Stay Current!”
contact: Barbara Freet

Dentists have neither the time nor the resources to stay current with the rapidly changing issues which affect personnel policies and procedures. Human Resource Advisors can provide the building blocks your practice needs to select, manage, and retain valuable employees. We want to increase your confidence and control over employment issues so you can do what you went into business to do—excellent dentistry! We provide customized employee handbooks, job descriptions and performance appraisals for every position in a practice, recruiting for the very best team members, background checks and assessments and most importantly consulting and coaching. We have clients in all 50 states and we know the laws that apply to your practice.
Call us at: 925-283-7305
You can also email Barbara Freet.

“Everything you need with your name on it!”

contact: Glen Davis

Interstate Specialties has been in the promotional advertising business for over 29 years. We specialize in providing marketing solutions and promotional incentives to business throughout North America, and have worked with Crown Council members for over 14 years. For our Crown Council member customers, we primarily supply them with logo imprinted patient take-home bags, lip balm moisturizer, tooth brushes, pens, drink ware, and a variety of other promotional supplies. To learn more, call us at (801) 487-3882. You can also email Glen Davis.
When it comes to delivering exceptional dentistry to your patients, who you choose to fabricate your lab work can make all the difference. At LK Dental Studio, every single member of our team is at the top of the game.

We take your reputation as seriously as you do. And we consider our work to be functional art, backed by state-of-the-art science and advanced technology. With our unsurpassed dedication to consistently creating the art and science of dentistry in each restoration, we intend to earn your trust one case at a time.

I invite you to read our testimonials page on our website ( , review our cases, and then give us a call at 866-550-3522. We will introduce you to the team at LK Dental Studio, gladly answer all of your inquires and match you with your perfect technician. And, please remember to ask for the special “Crown Council Member Premium Qualification” offered exclusively to our Crown Council Member clients.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Laura Kelly
President ,LK Dental Studio
AACD Accredited Technician
AACD President 2007-2008

contact: Heather Whalen  (800) 229-0936

MicroDental, a comprehensive laboratory that provides you with exquisite design, innovative artistry and exceptional results instituted a highly evolved academic standard of practice that transcends into our own everyday environment.  This is directly reflected in the functional integrity and uncompromised beauty of our restorations. Along with our market leading brand and complete range of dental services, we are known in the dental community for our integrity, reliability and commitment to decreasing your chair time, increasing patient case acceptance and collaborating with you to grow a successful practice.  MicroDental is a trusted leader and the lab partner you can count on.

“Marketing has changed.”

contact: Jack Hadley

There’s a buzz about social media marketing. You may be asking, “What is social media? Is social media effective in acquiring new patients? Is social media a fad, and will it take too much of my time?” Social media is word-of-mouth marketing online. It increases the loyalty of your current patients and is a powerful tool in acquiring new referrals. We design, program, and implement an integrated social media strategy for your practice—then assist you in building engagement with patients and prospects each month. To learn more, call Seth at (877) 316-7516. And visit us on Facebook. You can also email Jack Hadley.

"One Stop for all things payment related"
contact: Nathan Danus

Payment Alliance International is your one stop shop for all things payment related. An industry leader in credit/debit card processing and ATMs, PAI can help maximize revenue and payment acceptance while reducing commoditized payment processing costs. In addition to credit and debit card processing, PAI offers a full suite of payment products designed specifically for the dental vertical, including: Remote Check Deposit, Alternative Patient Financing, ACH services and Check Guarantee
Call today: 866-371-2273 X1131

You can also email Nathan Danus.

"Reach Key Prospects & Grow Your Business"
contact: Lane Anderson

ProspectaMarketing generates practice growth by sourcing new high value patients through targeted internet marketing. Creating productive internet presence through search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, local listings and testimonials, video optimization, blogs and more, we generate new prospect traffic to the practice website and help practices to convert these visitors into new patients.

Call today: 303-221-7533

You can also email Lane Anderson.

“Knowledge, Solutions and Peace of Mind”

The Eagleston Financial Group has provided expert insurance knowledge, solutions and peace of mind to dentists nationwide since 1965 through the proper implementation of and education on the insurance companies and products they represent. Rob Eagleston and John Eagleston (members of the Eagleston Team) are licensed in all 50 states and work with dentists of all ages and stages in practice. They are not company specific and can therefore truly represent the best interest of each client they come in contact with.

Call The Eagleston Financial Group at: 877-409-1160
or email to Rob Eagleston.

"Reaching the Highest Levels of Acceptance, Productivity and Profit" contact: Steve Anderson

Just as there are systems for producing quality clinical care, there are proven systems for presenting treatment, leading the practice, and managing your business that get results. Discover the customized solution to your practice that will maximize your strengths and improve your leverage points as ToPS Practice Advisors analyze, action plan, and implement with your team.

Call today for the ToPS Complimentary Practice Exam: 1-877-399-TOPS (8677)



“It’s time to expect more from your lab.”
contact: Jim Thacker

A few years ago we determined that our competition no longer comes from other dental labs. Our competition comes from companies like Nordstrom, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Costco. Why? Because they’ve raised the bar on service expectations. We also determined that providing unequaled VALUE to dentists isn’t JUST about service. It’s also about RELEVANCE—connecting to the things YOU consider important. Innovative solutions, in and of themselves, have no inherent value until they’re RELEVANT to what YOU want, need, value, and expect.

At Utah Valley Dental Lab, we’ve not only raised the service bar, we’ve redefined practice/lab relationships in ways that DIRECTLY BENEFIT YOU and your practice. Spend ten short minutes on our website. We promise it will change your perspective on practice/lab relationships. Then pick up the phone and call us. We look forward to helping your practice too.


Call Jim Thacker at 801-373-4750


"Technology creating efficiency!"

Brandon founded WEAVE in September of 2008. He saw the need for a highly personalized service that strengthens the relationship between the patient and the dental practice. A self-proclaimed technology geek, he developed a service that uses technology to create efficiency but does not lose the personal touch patients prefer. Although he loves technology, Brandon’s expertise and experience lies in one-on-one communication between individuals. Brandon is driven to fuse technology and communication to innovate the way dental practices interact with their patients.

Call Weave at:  801-319-0120
or email to Brandon Rodman

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