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NEW 2019 Powerful Team Meetings: 

  • April 23, 2019 * "The Culture of When" with Dave Crenshaw - Don't succumb to the Culture of Now! 
  • May 7, 2019 * "Treat People, Not Teeth" with Chad Hymus - Look at patients with new eyes! 
1. “Hire Great People” with Jack Mitchell (5 characteristics of a great patient oriented team)
2. “The Dash” with Mac Anderson (No one can help another without helping them self)


3. "Be A Light" with Neal Jeffrey (Be a light force in the life of each person who comes into our practice or our life)


4. "Defining Moments" with Vince Poscente (Everyone has had significant defining moments in their life)


5. "Hug Your Customers" with Jack Mitchell (A proven way to personalize the relationship with your patients)


6. "My Time" with Neal Jeffrey (Now is the time and today is the day to do that HARD THING that you have been saving)


7. "Stories" with Larry Winget (What are the stories that your patients are telling about your practice)


8. "I Am A Person of Action" with Andy Andrews (Becoming a person of action is a choice, not a process)


9. "Power of the Honk" with Neal Jeffrey (We all need to HONK more and need more people HONKING for us)


10. "Be Fully Present" with Brian Biro (100% of your mind, body and spirt are with the person you are with)

11. "Smile" with Jeanne Robertson (What do you do to prepare yourself for that moment when everything goes totally wrong)

12. "Filters" with Dave Weber (Everyday we manage the relationships we have in our lives based on our own individual filters)

13. "Burn The Boats"with Andy Andrews (When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution)

14. "Konaneia" with Dave Weber (The coming together in a solidified oneness)


15. "Change" with Joseph Michelli (Treat every patient as if they were world famous)


16. "Moment of Destiny" with Neal Jeffrey (What can we do to make the patient experience memorable)


17. "Do The Right Thing" with Neal Jeffrey (We have many opportunities in life to not only act but teach through our actions)


18. "Constant Customer" with David Neeleman (The three elements that are necessary to insure your brand)


19. "It's Our Policy" with Larry Winget (Remove the phrase "it's our policy" from your office vocabulary)


20. "One More Thing" with Mac Anderson (Success comes through short-term realistic goals)


21. "The Paradox of Sacrifice" with Rory Vaden (Everyone has things in their lives that they need to start doing)


22. "Bright Spots" with Dan Heath (Enact solutions-focused belief therapy in our offices)


23. "Seeking Wisdom" with Andy Andrews (Create your own personal Board of Directors)

24. "Gifts" with Rory Vaden (In order to change your circumstance, the first thing you need to do is change your thoughts)

25. "See-Feel-Change" with Dan Heath (When people SEE something, and then FEEL something, they often then DO something.)

26. "Personal Innovation" with Carr Hagerman (Everyone needs to share their ideas) 

27. "Opportunities" with Larry Winget (Why do people come to your office?) 


28. "Be Positive" with Neal Jeffrey (“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ̃  Napoleon Hill)

29. "Manage Your Emotions" with Mac Anderson (What are the things you can do to get everyone “up” for the day?)

30. "Choose To Be Happy" with Andy Andrews (Happiness comes from a grateful heart)

31. "Made to Stick" with Dan Heath (Ideas that are both emotional and unexpected make people wan to talk about your practice.)  

32. "Go To An Alien Planet" with Carr Hagerman (Go to a new place to find innovative ideas)  

33. "Geese Win!" with Neal Jeffrey  (Everyday we have the opportunity for victory in terms of how we make a difference)
34. "Baton" with Jeanne Robertson (See the humor in any situation)


35. "The Taxi Cab" with Shep Hyken (Turn satisfied customers into LOYAL customers)


36. "Shrink the Change" with Dan Heath (Is there one GIANT change you are looking to accomplish? Take that goal and shrink it.)
37. "Persist Without Exception" with Andy Andrews (It's time to WORK on a goal that's important to you.)

38. "Nice Bike" with Mark Scharenbroich (Nice Bike helps us become more engaged and passionate about serving others.)

39. "Good Habits" with Mac Anderson (Eat That Frog and start making changes as a team.)

40. "Attitude of Gratitude" with Mac Anderson (It's time to WORK on a goal that's important to you.)

41. "Mark of Excellence" with Mac Anderson (Learn some skills to develop a passion for excellence.) 

42. "Great Teams Accomplish More" with Neal Jeffery (Geese fly in formation -- it's the power of a team.) 

43. "Yes You Can" with Dick Hoyt (Father, triathlete and example on how to accomplish the seemingly impossible.) 

44.  "Having a Business that Matters" with Dave Neeleman (If your business was gone tomorrow would anyone care?) 

45.  "Lasting Personal Impact" with Dave Valle (At the 17th AE Dave Valle gives some advice from his baseball career.) 

46.  "Tweak the Environment" with Dan Heath (Tweaking the environment is making the right behaviors easier) 

47.  "Leaders Have Vision" with Dave Weber (Leaders must have a clear vision of what they are working for.)
48. "Ordinary Moments" with Brene Brown (Gratitude and joy go hand in hand.)
49. "Generations" with Jason Dorsey (Each generation communicates differently.)


50. "Solving Problems w/ Pictures"with Dan Roam (Communication using pictures)


51. "The Through Line" with Victoria Labalme (What drives your actions at home and the office?)
52. "The Power of Love" with John O'Leary (You can’t always choose the path you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk.) 
53. "The Power of Why" with John O'Leary (When you understand your "why" everything else falls into place.)
54. "The Power of One" with John O'Leary (How one man made all the difference for John)
55. "Your Wingman" with Waldo Waldman (Are you an Eagle or a Turkey?) 

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