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"Your Wingman"
with Waldo Waldman at the 19th Annual Event.
Learn from Waldo about the strength created by having committed wingman who are ready and willing to back you up.  


with Dick Hoyt at the 11th Annual Event in Orlando, FL 2007

At the 12th Annual Event of the Crown Council super triathlete and father Dick Hoyt spoke to the membership about his journey with his special needs son Rick Hoyt.  Dick has shown the worldwhat a loving father can do if he believes he can do it.  Dick implores the Crown Council to develop the "Yes You Can" attitude no matter what you believe your limitations are.

This powerful team meeting will take you through a series of questions: 

1) What are the two or three personal "daily difficulties" where you find yourself tempted to say "no I can't?"  

2) What are some possible "Yes I Can" solutions or commitments in each of the areas of difficulty? 

3) What are some team "daily difficulties" where it might be easier to say "no we can't" to patients or each other? 

4) What are some "Yes We Can" commitments in each of the "daily difficulties" that are challenges as a team?



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