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NEW 2019 Powerful Team Meetings 

May 21, 2019 * "The 5 Second Rule" 


with Mel Robbins 

Oftentimes the solutions to the problems that we face are very simple. What did you think about while Mel was sharing the 5 second rule? What thing have you been waiting to change - both personally and professionally. There are things that you thought of that will make you happier, more profitable, kinder, healthier. What alarm is talking to you? We all have alarms that are going off, and now it is the time to listen. The courage that Mel talked about to do things that are scary, difficult, uncertain or new - that is the exercise for this powerful team meeting.

Turn to the person sitting next to you and verbalize one thing that you can do better at home using the 5 second rule. Discuss that thing and then when you are done talking write it done. Commit to it in writing.

When you’ve finished that exercise you are going to do the same thing for your professional life. What thing have you procrastinated. What would you like to do differently at the office that you need to change? Turn to your partner and discuss that thing. Then write it down and commit to the 5 second rule.

May 7, 2019 * "Treat People, Not Teeth"


with Chad Hymus 

This is your opportunity to talk about and determine who your patients are to you and your team.  Are they more then just teeth?  Are they more the paying clients?  What is your goal and mission with each patient? 

Have you heard the expression “It’s not about the teeth?”  This phrase was coined by Dental Hall of Fame member Dr. Roy Hammond.  Roy lead the CC humanitarian trips for the past 8 years.  The idea behind the phrase, “It’s not about the teeth” comes from the hope that we can meet each patient where they are hurting most.  Roy would encourage us to get down on the same level as each patient joined us in the humanitarian clinic.  To look them in the eye and express to them our desire to help them.  He encouraged us to look past their teeth.  He taught the humanitarians to find a way to connect with their patients and make a difference in their overall health.  

Our goal is to create happy paying patients who repeat and refer and pay us more then it costs to deliver the service.  That does not happen by treating teeth.  It happens by service people.  

April 23, 2019 * "The Culture of When" 


with Dave Crenshaw 

If “quick questions” are causing you to switch from one task to the next, this is your opportunity to create the Culture of When.  So, print the worksheet that comes along with this Powerful Team Meeting.  Everyone watching this team meeting should have one.

1:1 Huddles Worksheet


with Dick Hoyt at the 11th Annual Event in Orlando, FL 2007

At the 12th Annual Event of the Crown Council super triathlete and father Dick Hoyt spoke to the membership about his journey with his special needs son Rick Hoyt.  Dick has shown the worldwhat a loving father can do if he believes he can do it.  Dick implores the Crown Council to develop the "Yes You Can" attitude no matter what you believe your limitations are.

This powerful team meeting will take you through a series of questions: 

1) What are the two or three personal "daily difficulties" where you find yourself tempted to say "no I can't?"  

2) What are some possible "Yes I Can" solutions or commitments in each of the areas of difficulty? 

3) What are some team "daily difficulties" where it might be easier to say "no we can't" to patients or each other? 

4) What are some "Yes We Can" commitments in each of the "daily difficulties" that are challenges as a team?



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