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Financial arrangements secrets that help your patients pay for treatment TODAY!
2. "Stop Cancelations" 
An exclusive Crown Council webinar to help you stop cancellations!
(Updated in webinar #39)
Bust through the clutter and stand out! 
An exclusive Crown Council webinar with ToPS coach Maribeth Brown. 
How to add $1000's more a day to your practive with low or NO marketing cost. 
Make the most of your schedule before it gets the most of you!
Learn 10 tips on dominating local internet search listings and 10 ways to manage your social media to create new patients.
2011 CDT Code Changes with ToPS coach Roz Fulmer 
(Updated in webinar #32)  
Controlling the schedule before it kills you with Chris Toconis 
Master THE secrets of scheduling new patients for maximum practice growth.   
How eliminating hygiene can create healthier, happier patients and a better practice.   
Discover ways to build team harmony and team motivation by budgeting and raising money to attend the Crown Council Annual Event   
The secrets to always producing more than you have scheduled.
American HealthCare Lending talks about how the patient finance world works.  
Creating a dental app for your business will set you apart from other dentists.
New ways to market your practice and win new patients TODAY!
Update your practice on 50 ways for patients to pay for treatment TODAY!

Learn the facts about a socially acceptable trend that is quietly destroying oral health.


The dental practice guide to productive meetings.

20. "Social Media Fact and Fiction"

The dental practice guide to social media.

21. "Stop It! Managing Unmanageable Patients"

Discover what to say, when to say it, what not to say and when to move on.

22. "How Much Is A Cleaning?"

What happens when patients call a Crown Council office.

23. "Inflammation and the Oral Systemic Connection"

Discover what periodontal disease REALLY has to do with heart disease.


24. "Stop The Panic About Your Online Reputation"

Online reputation management has become a "must do."  

25. "Daring Greatly"

How to win in uncertain times with patients, your practice and your team.  

26. "Coding with Confidence"

Using the correct 2013 CDT Codes  

27. "Smiles for Life 2013 - Making It A Success"

Specifically designed for the team member primary responsibility for Smiles for Life.  

28. "You're Liable" 

The biggest mistakes in hygiene that could come back to "bite" you.  


29. "Not Another Meeting" 

Make EVERY meeting an effective meeting.  

30. "I Quit" 

Creating an accountable, harmonious team.


31. "Why Case Presentations Fail" 

Secrets of helping more patients accept total treatment.


32. "You May Not Get Paid In 2014"

What you need to know NOW about 2014 CDT changes.


33. "Saving Lives One Oral Cancer Exam at a Time

What every practice needs to know about the latest oral cancer research.


34. "10 Biggest Images Mistakes Practices Make"

What patients see is what they perceive. What they perceive dictates what they accept.

35. "Maximum Reimbursement"

How to increase your insurance reimbursement in an era of declining fees.

Discover the simple secrets to removing money as the objection

37. "You Missed It

Secrets of the most overlooked case acceptance tool in dentistry. 

38. "The Secret Source of New Patients"

Essential systems to have in place when new patient flow is low.

39. "Stop Cancellations"

How to reduce cancellations, no shows, and disruptive emergencies that mess up your day!

40. "Getting Google & Yelp Reviews, Made Easy!"

Get more calls, more new patients, and greater SEO results by getting reviews where they matter most—on Google, Yelp, and Facebook!

41. "Why Team Members Fail"

Secrets of success for the dental team member who wants to ensure more career and financial security.

42. "What No One Has Told You About OSHA & HIPPA"

The truth about compliance and what you can do to protect your practice TODAY.

43. "Three Ways Successful Practices Use Facebook to Attract New Patients"

Your practice probably has a Facebook page, but are you using it effectively to grow your business?

44. "Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer"

Alarming trends are changing the protocol for who and how we screen for oral cancer. 

45. "How to Maximize Technology to Improve Retention, Reactivation and Patient Acquisition"

The use of technology in our patient communication is here to stay and it can be an invaluable resource in keeping the patients you have, getting new patients and helping reactivate old patients.

46. "From Worst to Best Month Ever"

How to Make September a Top Producer.

47. "Your Most Compelling Marketing Advantage"

With competition on the rise and dental fees in decline, separating your practice from the rest is critical for the best patients know who you, where to find you, and why they should choose you. 

48. "I Can't Afford It"

How many financial arrangements mistakes are you making that result in low or no scheduled treatment? Discover the secrets of proven financial arrangements and what you can do NOW to increase your case acceptance success.

49. "11 New Codes for 2017"

New insurance codes for 2017: Which ones matter? Which ones don’t!
You’re not getting paid! The 3 most underutilized codes and how to use them correctly.

Understand the difference between branding with social media and MARKETING with social media.  

51. "Attract More Baby Boomer Patients" June 21, 2017 

It’s no secret that the Baby Boomer generation is one of the largest in America.  With an average of 10,000 Boomer turning 65 every day, their consumer preferences are are maturing and changing. 

52. "Insurance Coding Mistakes" January 21, 2017 

Don’t miss this webinar for the entire team packed with new CDT changes for 2018 AND proven ideas to increase your practice success in the face of declining frees and reduced insurance reimbursement.

53. "Do You Take My Insurance" February 21, 2018 

Secrets of going insurance independent in an era of declining reimbursement.

54. "Cause Related Marketing" March 12, 2018 

Secrets of Attracting More New Patients with Cause Related Marketing

55. "Dress for Case Acceptance Success" April 12, 2018 

How your wardrobe choice impacts your patients’ treatment decisions.

56. "STOP CANCELATIONS" August 14, 2018 

How to reduce cancellations, no shows, and disruptive emergencies that mess up your day.

57. “Winning With An Unfair Advantage”  October 17, 2018

The best teams are continually learning to stay ahead of the competition. Is your team taking advantage of every resource available to learn and grow TODAY?

58. "MAXIMUM REIMBURSEMENT 2019" January 9, 2019

What's old. What's new. And what you can do to get paid for what you produce."

59. "Secrets from the 24th Annual Event" February 19, 2019

If you did not attend, get ready for an idea-packed webinar with some of the best ideas that will take your practice higher in 2019

60. "I HATE INSURANCE" March 19, 2019

"The myths, methods, and proper management of your patients’ benefits." 


61. "More Patients Now" April 16, 2019 

The life of a healthy practice is treating your existing patient comprehensively and attracting more just like them.



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