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October 17, 2018

WEBINAR #57 “Winning With An Unfair Advantage” 

The best teams are continually learning to stay ahead of the competition. Is your team taking advantage of every resource available to learn and grow TODAY? 

During this exclusive webinar, you and your team will DISCOVER: 

• 3 essential meetings and how to strategically plan them for team success.

• 5 minutes a week that will transform your case acceptance. 

• What the top 6%are doing that leaves the competition in the dust. 

• The CE secret winning team use that produces 10X the implementation results. 

• How your team can easily copy genius without spending an additional $.  

• And much, much more!

August 14, 2018
How to reduce cancellations, no shows, and disruptive emergencies that mess up your day.
  • It is the perfectly scheduled day and then it all falls apart. Learn the secrets to helping more of your patients keep their commitments including:
  • How the doctor may be creating a cancellation problem and how to stop it!
  • Scheduling mistakes that invite patients to cancel.
  • What you may be saying that is creating a cancellation problem.
  • How your digital communication may be increasing your no show and cancellation rate and what you can do about it.
  • Why hygiene patients cancel more often and what you can do to STOP it.
  • The 100% New Patient show rate solution NOW!
  • Why “confirmation” calls cause more people to cancel.
  • The two secret words that will get more people to keep their appointments.
  • E-mail, text, phone, or post card appointment reminders. Which is more effective?
  • Digital messaging mistakes that create cancellations.
  • Should you charge a cancellation fee?
  • Each team member’s role in helping patients keep their commitments.

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