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PerioPassion Dental Seminar

Newly Updated Perio Passion Dental Seminar - Friday June 29th and Saturday June 30th.  



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Something to Smile About

Conventional wisdom has been that people are happy because they are successful.  But now come the researchers who made a study of 275,000 people and found that being happy is what makes people successful.  It is easy to believe the finding of the survey.  Happy people are easier to work with, more highly motivated and more willing to tackle difficult projects.  Thus, happy…


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Social Media Fact and Fiction

Social Media Fact and Fiction

The do’s and don’ts of Social Media TODAY and how to use it the RIGHT WAY to build your practice. 


A Exclusive Crown Council


with Jack Hadley


Web 2.0 has been around long enough that you can now separate fact from fiction. …


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Gaining Access to Your Creative Nature

The problem of access to a creative nature seems to be that we work too much, eat too quickly, don’t get enough sleep, and feel hurried too much of the time.  We tell each other that we always feel rushed and have too little time to consider what we are doing.


The successful and creative people, however, claim that they usually come up with solutions to their…


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What Are You In the Mood For?

It is truly unfortunate that you are not always in the mood for circumstances and happenings that are forced upon you. Maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed so to speak. You are just not in a good mood and all of a sudden you need to deal with someone who is likewise in a bad mood. This is a setting for a disaster, especially if the person you are facing is…


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You can’t really expect that everyone is going to have the same opinion on every subject. That is no problem unless the difference of opinion is with someone you work with or otherwise  associate with on a regular basis. That is to say, it is with someone with whom you need to have a good continuing relationship. Unless you believe that you…


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Charles Darwin - Survival of the Fittest

I f you are looking for an example of persistence while discovering talents and interests, you need not look beyond Charles Darwin. His very wealthy parents offered to pay for his training as a medical doctor and then as a minister, and other occupational opportunities. But he had a interest in the origin, and evolution of everything that grows including plants, birds,…


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