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The Future Belongs to the Askers

Of course you have heard it repeated many times, “Ask and you shall receive.”   But it would not be strange if you are one of those who hesitate asking forr of being told  “No” and feeling rejected.. Your asking might be for information, for a favor for clarifying something.  Here is an alternative way of thinking on this subject:


If the person you ask says…


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Jordyn's Toothfairies



Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog post!  I am hoping that we can all come together and help make this little girls day a little brighter!  Jordyn is a beautiful 7 year old who has battled cancer all of her life.  She was originally diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2007 and because of the radiation treatments for that cancer she developed Osteosarcoma and was diagnosed in March of 2013.…


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It is difficult to think of a subject that receives more attention than does the pursuit of happiness.

Now comes the head of a consulting company who has discovered seven things we all should not do if we want to be happy.  Perhaps you would be interested in adding these things to your reservoir of…


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If you live in Chicago or have visited there, you will know that it is not famous for its desirable weather pattern.  The humidity is high making you feel as though you could cut it with a knife.  It’s one of those places where if you don’t like the weather, just wait a little while and it will change.  Nevertheless, Chicago has become home from many nationally known…


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