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SMILES FOR LIFE - $534,258.98

Here are the Smiles for Life Results!

CLICK HERE to see the entire list

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Smiles for Life - $475,707.10

Congratulations to these team for their contributions to the 2012 Smiles for Life Campaign with total contributions so far reaching $475,707.10

CLICK HERE to see the detailed results

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Nobody likes to receive criticism, but the way you deal with it determines whether it is a constant source of annoyance or is useful or at least no source of pain.

One thing that is certain is that if you deny the accusation, you will please the critic who will then have an opportunity to restate the criticism and “rub it in” so to speak.…


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Review of the US Supreme Court's Healthcare Reform Law Decision--in brief

As most of us are aware, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the constitutionality of the Healthcare Reform Act last week. I have been looking for a brief readable summary of what went on and the resulting options that may result from the Court's decision which will be revealed in June. One of my clients sent a well-written summary that I am happy to share with you. The link to the document appears below. If you can't open it, please email me directly and I will resend…


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SMILES FOR LIFE - $415,006.70

CLICK HERE to see the offices who contributed the most PER TEAM member.…


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Of course you prefer to be on the starting team and leave the substituting to someone else.  But if you are the coach and you are coaching your brain, you might find calling up a sub to be a really good idea.


The situation where this is the case is when you have a…


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Minds? Yes!  You probably thought you only had one mind.  Of course you only have one brain, but the psychologists claim that you have two minds–your conscious and your sub-conscious mind.  Here is the important way the two minds function:


Your conscious mind is your…


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