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It is a fact that the people in  the United States spend over $200 million dollars a year on fortune tellers–palm readers, those who read tea leaves,.soothsayers, and astrologers.  These fortune telling specialists tell their customers in great detail what is going to happen to them. The subscribers to these services can then just let nature take…


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Better Choices for High Noble Gold Alternatives

There are several choices when considering an alternative to high noble and noble PFM’s. Non-precious base metals like Tilite are great cost wise but may cause more trouble for your patient than it’s worth. Most non-precious metals contain Nickel. The problem with Nickel is nearly 50% of women are allergic to it. Nickel also causes “tattooing,” (blackening around the gum line.) There are non-precious options that do not contain Nickel like Chromium Cobalt. However, because Chromium Cobalt…


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Make Life a Pleasure

Most would agree with what psychologists call "The Pleasure Principle." The principle is that we tend to do those things that give us pleasure and avoid those things that cause us pain. For instance, it is intended that we should be capable and intelligent so we have an inclination called an "appetite" which when satisfied produces a pleasant sensation. When we don't eat, or…


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Updated Smiles for Life Results

CLICK HERE to see Updated Smiles for Life office by office results.…


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If you want to be one of the most useful and worthwhile persons in the world, be a  problem solver.  One of several reasons that this is true is because the problem makers way outnumber the problem solvers. 

One of the realities is that many of the problem makers have discovered that it is more…


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Smiles for Life Results - April 1, 2013 OVER $400,000 RAISED

We're pleased to recognize the office by office results for the first month of the Smiles for Life campaign.  This includes not only the total money raised by each office but the most funds raised PER TEAM MEMBER.   You can CLICK…


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What are you feeding your brain?

The experts in mind development have much to say about the long term effect of what you put into your brain.  They make it clear that you can’t think big and be little; think righteously and be evil.  If good ideas run through your mind, you will soon be distinguished for your goodness.  Likewise, if you accumulate great ideas from someone else, you will soon resemble the…


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For over 10 years the Crown Council, Smiles for Life and hundreds of Crown Council members have used Payment Alliance International to process their credit cards.  The best part of their service is Nathan Danus who provides personal 24/7 Customer Support to our membership.  


Nathan has offered to every Crown Council member a FREE audit of your current credit card discounts.  For giving him the opportunity (NO OBLIGATION) he will send you…


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