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Social Media Fact and Fiction

Social Media Fact and Fiction

The do’s and don’ts of Social Media TODAY and how to use it the RIGHT WAY to build your practice. 


A Exclusive Crown Council


with Jack Hadley


Web 2.0 has been around long enough that you can now separate fact from fiction. …


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Gaining Access to Your Creative Nature

The problem of access to a creative nature seems to be that we work too much, eat too quickly, don’t get enough sleep, and feel hurried too much of the time.  We tell each other that we always feel rushed and have too little time to consider what we are doing.


The successful and creative people, however, claim that they usually come up with solutions to their…


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What Are You In the Mood For?

It is truly unfortunate that you are not always in the mood for circumstances and happenings that are forced upon you. Maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed so to speak. You are just not in a good mood and all of a sudden you need to deal with someone who is likewise in a bad mood. This is a setting for a disaster, especially if the person you are facing is…


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You can’t really expect that everyone is going to have the same opinion on every subject. That is no problem unless the difference of opinion is with someone you work with or otherwise  associate with on a regular basis. That is to say, it is with someone with whom you need to have a good continuing relationship. Unless you believe that you…


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Charles Darwin - Survival of the Fittest

I f you are looking for an example of persistence while discovering talents and interests, you need not look beyond Charles Darwin. His very wealthy parents offered to pay for his training as a medical doctor and then as a minister, and other occupational opportunities. But he had a interest in the origin, and evolution of everything that grows including plants, birds,…


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Thomas Woodrow Wilson - Years in the Making

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856 as a third child with two older sisters. Unlike some of the other potential Presidents of the United States, he didn’t accidently drift into the president’s pattern. He did have some beliefs that he thought would benefit other people. He wanted enough power and position to enable him to present his beliefs to a broad audience in a…


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There are some interesting lessons we can learn from the Wright Brothers especially having to do with persistence.

There were people throughout the world who were interested in the science of flight, but none with the determination and methodical persistence of Orville and Wilbur Wright. These two brothers didn’t have the luyxury of some rich and financial backers so t…


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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Perhaps you have not heard of the study of psycho-immunology. It deals with how your thinking affects your health. We are told that the study originated with a man named Norman Cousins, the author of Anatomy of an Illness. He laughed himself well from serious illness by watching old Three Stooges and Marx Brothers movies. Since the publication of his book, a number of…


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Transitioning to a Multi-Dr Practice

:) Oh! What an exciting time in our practice! We are preparing to join one- or two more doctors to our 32 year one Dr practice!!  I am hoping for someone who uses Softdent and works in a multi-doc setting to help mentor me in prep for this growth.  If you have any advice or would be willing to help brainstorm with me please either blog with me or email if you prefer that.  Thanks! Erica

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The dictionary says that tuition is “the price paid for instruction.” Intuition on the other hand is “the act of obtaining knowledge without rational thought.” You may choose to pay tuition to increase your knowledge about your chosen profession. That costs money. But it would certainly be wise to give attention to your intuition because it can add to your knowledge and it…


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Perhaps you don’t recognize the name because this author was warned by her prospective publisher that the young boys who were her target audience might not want to read a book written by a woman.  He recommended that she use initials to disguise her gender.  Since she had no middle name, she chose “K” as her second initial for her pen name.  She became J.K. Rowling whom you…


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James Dyson - Years in the Making

Perhaps you have not heard of James Dyson who is a very accomplished modern inventor.  One of the reasons for his relative lack of prominence is that one or more of his inventions made such an improvement on present day products that it greatly reduced sales of the current products.

He couldn’t get any present vacuum cleaner company to produce his revolutionary Dual…


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What Is Your Kind of Kindness


Being kind surely makes you feel good and is a good reason to be alert to every opportunity to be kind and helpful In addition to feeling good, some psychologists have discovered new benefits that come to both the giver and receiver of acts of kindness. They say that acts of kindness affect the immune system of both the giver and the receiver. People who are kind sleep better, have pleasant dreams, and feel peaceful most of the time. If you are into a…


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One of the most important natural laws of case acceptance states: “People don’t buy initially because they are enthusiastic about the service, but because you are.” Enthusiasm is contagious. Let me illustrate with an example from a most unlikely place. 

No one is thrilled about jury…

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You have likely faced that question more than once from a patient. If it has ever caught you off guard or if you have ever wondered the best way to respond, here are some thoughts:

First, what is expensive? How do you arrive at a conclusion that something is expensive or inexpensive? It is usually by comparison. You compare the price of one item to the price of… Continue

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Franklin D. Roosevelt - Years in the Making


If you were years in the making with the goal of becoming the President of the United States, one good start would seem to be having a name relationship with a very honored past president.  In this instance it would be Franklin D. Roosevelt having a name…


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Of course you want to be a likeable person. One of the important ways to achieve that goal is to make a good first impression. The psychologists maintain that the first impression someone has seems to dominate the way he/she views that person permanently. That being the case, it is wise to be conscious of the fact that words, actions, facial expressions and body language all send subtle messages without our even realizing that we are doing it.…


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CLICK on the link above to access the article, HOW TO CHOOSE A DENTIST THE SMART WAY.  

This is written as a consumer report and can be reproduced for use in your office or given to the media.




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One of the things that was years in the making was changing the name of famous author and entertainer, Samuel Clemens, to Mark Twain. The process of this contains many inspiring lessons.

Sam was number four in a family of five children and was born frail… Continue

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