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There are some interesting lessons we can learn from the Wright Brothers especially having to do with persistence.

There were people throughout the world who were interested in the science of flight, but none with the determination and methodical persistence of Orville and Wilbur Wright. These two brothers didn’t have the luyxury of some rich and financial backers so…


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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Perhaps you have not heard of the study of psycho-immunology. It deals with how your thinking affects your health. We are told that the study originated with a man named Norman Cousins, the author of Anatomy of an Illness. He laughed himself well from serious illness by watching old Three Stooges and Marx Brothers movies. Since the publication of his book, a number of…


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Transitioning to a Multi-Dr Practice

:) Oh! What an exciting time in our practice! We are preparing to join one- or two more doctors to our 32 year one Dr practice!!  I am hoping for someone who uses Softdent and works in a multi-doc setting to help mentor me in prep for this growth.  If you have any advice or would be willing to help brainstorm with me please either blog with me or email if you prefer that.  Thanks! Erica

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The dictionary says that tuition is “the price paid for instruction.” Intuition on the other hand is “the act of obtaining knowledge without rational thought.” You may choose to pay tuition to increase your knowledge about your chosen profession. That costs money. But it would certainly be wise to give attention to your intuition because it can add to your knowledge and it…


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