15th Smiles for Life Dominican Republic Humanitarian Expedition

On Friday, September 2, 2011, our 15th Humanitarian Expedition leaves for the Dominican Republic.  We express our public gratitude to the following for the donation of their time, experience and resources:

Dr. Roy Hammond

Glenda Hammond

Mark Webb

Angel Webb

Annie Puchar

Juston Puchar

Justin Hamilton

Jocelyn Hamilton

Pam Peterson

Dr. Mario Ambrosio

Brett Rappleye

Dr. Amy Horton

Rosa Fuentes

Kristina Cogburn

Alissia Marquette Taylor

Sandra Michelle Herrera

Brittiny Trevino

Allison Prather

Dr. Charlie Schneider

Lindsay Schneider

MacKenzie Schneider

Austin Tess

Dr. Chris Hoyal

Tayva Peterson

Tyler Peterson

Christa Hoyal

Jenna Peterson

Melanie Peterson

Monique Henderson

Connor Henderson


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Comment by Michele Yvette Williams on September 5, 2011 at 4:59pm
My prayer is that the blessings of God overflow for all you in your commitment to serving others! May these life-changing experiences be the catalyst needed to make a difference in your return home. We can't wait to join you next year!!!
Comment by Graham Anderson on September 5, 2011 at 11:27am
Great work everybody!  Thank you for your service this week.  What an incredible experience.
Comment by Greg Anderson on September 5, 2011 at 7:19am

 Day 3

Today was a great day. It was our travel day.
We started yesterday in Santo Domingo and are working
the next four days starting tomorrow in Puerta Plata which is
five hours North of where we are. It is actually a really perfect day
to have a break. The first day is always a little overwhelming
and a lot to take in. It is nice for everyone to process
what we will be doing and to get themselves in the
mindset of the next four days so they can go hard and give
it all they have got. We had a few extra hours this morning for
anyone who was interested to attend their church of worship.
The picture below is of the Mormon Temple where a group of us
went to visit after service.



Then we headed to Puerta Plata with a stop at Boca Marina
Restaurant for a wondeful lunch. Boca Marina is a beautiful
restaurant right on the pier with gorgeous clear blue water and
great food.


Justin and Jocelyn at the restaurant


Roy Hammond, Our Chief, convinced myself and my husband to go
with him for a water weiner ride while waiting for our lunch.
It was a blast!



A picture of everyone in the bus at the end of the five hour


When we arrived at our hotel Barcelo Premium we met with everyone
before dinner to meet the Dominican Hygienists and Dominican Dentists
that will be working with us all week.



Then Marisa and Shane, from our
Esperanza group gave us the whole background of Esperanza and what
they do and who they are. They talked about the Microfinancing they
do for the little tow
Comment by Dennis Lynn Hetland on September 4, 2011 at 4:18pm
Keep up the great work. It's fun to watch what is happening as we anticipate doing the same trip next year. Look forward to hearing more.
Comment by Kenneth Hovden on September 4, 2011 at 9:49am
Looks like a great group-Charlie and family good to see you are back at it- wish I was there to join you.  Enjoy your time- I know my trip a few years ago was a highlight for myself and my daughter!
Comment by Stuart B. Anderson on September 4, 2011 at 8:02am
Thanks everyone for your service!  Annie, you are taking great pictures with your new camera.
Comment by Greg Anderson on September 4, 2011 at 7:57am
Annie.  You're doing a fabulous job with the Blog.  Thanks for the great photos and the enthusiasm we can see and feel from all of you.  Thanks to the entire group for your tireless service!
Comment by CROWN COUNCIL on September 4, 2011 at 7:46am

Day 2

Today we served in a little town called Los Casaves in
North Santo Domingo. The first day is always the hardest
and takes a while to get everyone used to everything. Our group
jumped right in and we were set up and running long before
we thought we would be. It was so special to see the strong
teamwork from the first minute we walked into the school we
were at until the last table and garbage bag was taken out at the
end. It was fantastic! In the end we were able to help
104 patients. We did cleanings, fillings, extractions, a
few root canals, and some bridges. It was a great day.

Our morning huddle. The word of the day was FRIENDSHIP
Angel, Josie, and Ellie
Glenda Hammond
Melanie, Tyler, and Tayva getting ready for their
first patient
Sandi and Allison working their tails off. They never stopped.
It was so impressive to see their hardwork.

Jocelyn also was amazing and helped so many
Dr. Maria, Brett, and Tayva
Pam cleaning teeth. Also making people smile as usual 

Juston and I during the hour long thunderstorm after lunch
The Culture club working their magic to keep everyone happy

Aren't these faces adorable?
Juston playing ball with the boys
Rosa and Austin with the kids 

Justin comforting this little guy who was getting
extractions. His little tears are streaming down his face but
he was brave and got through it.

And lastly, Josie and her new little friend who she sat with
while she got an extraction and was scared to death. Josie held her
hand through the whole thing and it was honestly the sweetest thing
you have ever seen. Her dad is in the picture as well.
Comment by CROWN COUNCIL on September 4, 2011 at 7:42am

 Day 1

It's finally here! We all made it safely to Santo Domingo today
and are all geared up and ready to start our first clinic tomorrow.
We arrived in a few separate groups and all met up tonight at dinner
with our friends from Esperanza. It was a great night for everyone
to meet and learn more about what we will be doing. I can tell this
group will be fabulous and everyone is so ready to get started.
Meet our September 2011 Group

Dr. Chris Hoyal and his darling family are back for their third
trip. He has his two daughters, Christa and Tayva, and then three
of his granchildren, Tyler, Jenna, and Melanie.

The wonderful Dr. Maria Ambrosio from New Jersey

Our predental Student Brett Rappleye who is currently
going to school at BYU Idaho.

Our adorable friends from Logan, Utah. Justin and Jocelyn Hamilton.
Jocelyn is a Hygienist and Justin is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Monique Henderson and her son Conner. Conner will be leaving on
an LDS mission to Washington State the week we get home. We are glad
he is spending his last few days with us
The darling Webb family. Angel is Roy Hammond's daughter and
this is her family. She has been on several trips and so has her family.
I can't remember the exact amount. Matt is her husband, along
with Ellie, Coleman, Josie, and Collin

Dr. Amy Horton and her wonderful team from Dallas Texas.
This is their first trip and they raised a lot of Smiles for Life money
to be here. In no particular order, Dr. Amy, Rosa Fuentes, Sandi
Herrera, Alissia Taylor, Brittiny Trevino, Kristina Cogb
Back for I'm pretty sure his third trip maybe fourth is Dr. Charlie
Schneider. He has brought his two daughters Mackenzie and Lindsay,
and our friend Austin Tess. Austin came last year with his Spanish class
as a translator so we are happy to have them all back again.

Annie and Juston Puchar and the beautiful Pam Peterson. Excited
to be back.
Comment by Jack Hadley on September 1, 2011 at 9:17pm
Thanks to ALL of you for your generous service to others. Good luck! You are making the world a better place.

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