Maybe you are successful at most of the things you undertake.  Maybe you have special talents that you take for granted and didn’t know they were yours in greater quantity than in many of your associates.   On another side of the proposition maybe something is missing in your success formula and you don’t know what it is.  Whatever your situation, you may find some value in the 15 laws of success that were created by Napoleon Hill who had a fairly good record of success as an author and business man:


1. Identify your life’s work–a well conceived purpose for your life.

2. Identify and master six basic fears –poverty, fear of ill health, fear of old age, fear of criticism, the fear of the love of someone, and the fear of  death.

3. Have a savings plan.

4. Develop initiative and leadership.

5. Stimulate your mind with imagination centered on your life’s work.

6. Develop enthusiasm.

7. Develop self-control.

8. Make a habit of doing more than you are paid for.

9. Learn to adapt to enjoying association with many types of personalities.

10. Learn to distinguish between information and genuine facts.

11. Concentrate.  Focus your attention on one subject at a time.

12. Practice cooperation.  It will teach you the value of teamwork.

13. Learn from your failures and those of other people.       

14. Practice tolerance and avoid the effects of racial or religious prejudice.      

15. Practice the Golden Rule-- the universal law of human conduct.


When you have satisfactorily trained yourself in these things, you will change the entire course of your life.   Try it and see.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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