It is interesting that most people are born with greater potential than live up to it. They may not know that they have a great potential that is just waiting to be developed. Maybe you are one of these. The ailment associated with this lack of development has been called the “Jonah Complex.” In the Bible account, Jonah was called to go to Nineveh where his services were urgently needed. When it was apparent that Jonah was going to resist the call, a delivery system was arranged–a whale of a system. A whale packed him up and delivered him to the area where he was to serve.


It is easy to decide that you have some degree of that complex when you are challenged with an assignment that seems to be far beyond your capabilities.


If you sense that you have some of that Jonah Complex, here is a way to make best use of it. You may recall that when Jonah was delivered to Nineveh where he was to perform his ultimate task, he had no way to retreat but he could have decided to do a passable job. However, he made the decision to give it his best which he did. He went to work with all of his basic skills and was an influence for good among the people he was challenge to motivate.


Jonah may not have known that he would be capable of influencing the people he was admonished to counsel. Likewise we may not know what our capabilities are until we put 100 % of our capabilities into it. Then we may find we can solve a whale of a problem.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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