One of the most powerful influences on your success or failure in life is the kind of people you associate with on a regular basis.  That being the case, it would seem wise to have a system for attracting the happy positive minded people.  So how do you accomplish that ?


Think about the kind of people you admire and want to be like.  Think about the men and women, living or dead whose qualities you respect and whose  lives you would like to emulate. Read stories and biographies of successful men and women.  Read magazine articles and interviews with people who live exemplary lives. You will eventually feel that you are associating with them personally.  As you think about people you admire, you will experience a subtitle change in your thought patterns.  


 At the same time you will activate what you might call the law of repulsion and the negative people will begin to pull away from you.  Just as positive r goal-oriented people will start to find you interesting as you become a more positive person, negative people will find you unenjoyable and uninteresting.  In no time at all your human environment will begin to change for the better. 


If all these exercises in mental programming seem like a lot of work, remember that both actions  and inactions have consequences.  Like the law of sowing and reaping, whatever you sow, or fail to sow, is going to determine what you reap in the end.  That is a good reason to accentuate  the positive.


Gregory B. Anderson–director

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