Suppose you want someone’s attention and are not getting it.  Suppose you have a great idea that will give someone a hand and you want them to remember the source.  Some resourceful person has discovered that attaching a Post-It Note does marvels in this regard.  There is something memorable about such a note which is skillfully placed on  a page or in a place where you would not expect to see something of this kind.


Some brilliant and resourceful person invented and utilized a Post-It note.   It just stands out upon discovery, and the receiver has to do something with it while it’s direction is being followed or at east dealt with.


Here are some handy uses for Post-It Notes:


1.  Attach a Post-it Note to a news or instruction letter so that the most important direction in it is  noted.


2.  Put a note on the frame of the computer so that every operator will be aware of some special  capacity the computer has or does not have.


3. Make a list of accomplishments for the day on a Post–it and check each item off as it is  accomplished without having to refer back to a computer screen.


4.  Write notes to yourself and place them in strategic places such as on the mirror in the bathroom.


That’s a  starter towards making you a  special attention getter.

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