One of the things we can change or at least improve on is human nature.   Those with whom we associate on a regular basis can change our lives.   Regular associations allow it to by making us honest dependable useful people.


Another resource for people changers are good books by outstanding authors which are available everywhere.    The love of knowledge comes from reading and it grows on us.


The next important people changers are found in well selected close friends.  That’s because we think and do the things we see other people do and say.


The greatest of all people changers is ourselves.  Whether we know it or not we are being modified every day and every hour and becoming someone else we have never been.  If we continue to bring ourselves under the right influences, we can soon be a new person embodying all the right qualities.


Be alert to this process and you can become a people changer of yourself and you may possibly become a positive influence on someone else.  

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