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Maybe you didn’t realize that 85 percent of your communication is non-verbal.  That is to say that when people have a choice between what you say verbally and what your body language indicates, they will choose body language 85% of the time.  According to the experts, nonverbal messages are interpreted as being much more reliable than the words spoken.   That is easy to believe when you recognize the messages that these gestures signal in our American culture:


            Facial; expressions, postures, and gestures:

Lifting one eyebrow                                         disbelief

Rubbing the nose                                            doubt and rejection

Winking                                                            intimacy

Speaking with hand across the mouth              lying

Head in palm of hand                                        boredom

Stroking the chin                                               evaluating

Open hands                                                      friendliness, honesty

Arms folded across the chest                           defensive

Leaning closer to someone                               interested

Leaning away from someone                            less interested

Legs crossed, swinging foot back and forth      impatience

Hands on hips                                                   aggressive

Cleaning glasses                                               delaying tactic

Rounded shoulders looking down                     lacking confidence

Standing straight, looking ahead                      confident

Leaning back with both hands supporting head           superiority

Hands rubbing                                                  excitement


That’s a start, and perhaps it is a good reminder that while you are interpreting other peoples’ body language, it will be well to see that your own body language supports what you are saying instead of indicating something else.  This way you will have the assurance that you not only have advantage of the 85% via your body language, but it will validate whatever you say.   


Gregory B. Anderson–director 


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Comment by Jeanette M. Kern on May 25, 2015 at 10:08pm

thank you Greg--these blogs are thought provoking and appreciated.

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