Here is an interesting human characteristic that you may not be aware of.  It is that when you get into what seems to be a comfortable condition, you tend to resist change of any kind, even beneficial change.   If you are forced out of a comfort zone with the collapse of a relationship or change in your residence, for instance, you tend to recreate the previous feeling even if making the change would be quite beneficial.


You may have a relationship that doesn’t work out.  The natural thing to do is to try to form a new one with a similar type of person and repeat the same negative outcome just because you resist change.   One possibility is that you are headed for complacency which eventually leads to boredom.  Instead of being an exciting change, it becomes a boring repetition of what happened before.


 All of this says that we should be aware of the so called “natural tendency” to resist change.  Just decide you will not be “natural” but welcome any change for the better.


Gregory B. Anderson–director


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