It is everybody’s challenge–to retain the information you want to retain so it will be available when you need it. There is an abundance of information about the speed with which we forget things. Less plentiful is any sound advice about how to avoid memory loss. Fortunately to the rescue comes Dr. Pierce J. Howard who has compiled an abundance of information about brain function that can be found in his book titled

The Owner’s Manual for the Brain.

Dr. Howard notes that before long-term memory occurs, information lingers briefly in a kind of mental “scratchpad.” It remains there waiting for you to decide to make a longer-term record of it or until it vanishes from lack of attention.

Here’s what Dr. Howard has to say about how to retain important things in the brain ready for use when needed:

1. After a learning episode whether from what you have heard or read, take a learning break and let your brain renew itself and be ready for more. Walk up some stairs or do something else to increase your blood flow.

2. Take some time to mentally reorganize new material you have read or heard. This creates a positive form of stress that helps you to convert the material into long-term memory.

3. Make notes on material you wish to remember especially if you are a visual learner.

4. Take time to recall material previously stored even before you refer to notes. If it doesn’t reappear immediately, try to think of possible subject matter. Think of thesituation in which you heard or read it. The attempt to recall is an important exercise.

5. Organize your day if possible so that new learning occurs at one of three times: Shortly after first waking and before eating; just before sleeping; and some time just prior to or just after halfway through the day. The exact halfway between is best to avoid. It has been identified as the low point for potential learning and retaining in your 24-hour cycle.

6. Accept some faulty memory not as a limitation but as providing a service of mentally disposing of material that perhaps has no future usefulness.

An essential in all of this is to remember to remember to rescue useful information in a timely way from your mental “scratchpad” where it is anxiously awaiting your attention.

Gregory B. Anderson–Director

Annual Event 2012 Announced

The Crown Council has announced the Crown Council's 17th Annual Event for Las Vegas, Nevada from January 26-28th, 2012.  The destination will be the grand new "M" Resort.  Over 700 members of the Crown Council are already signed up to attend this Event.  We encourage you and your team to make your plans early to be with us.  Call (800) 276-9658 and any of us at the Crown Council would be delighted to give you more information.


CC Webinar, “Dominate Your Market Online”

Just posted is the Webinar with Jack Hadley of Lava7 and Lane Anderson of Prospecta Marketing.  You'll learn 10 tips on dominating local internet search listings and 10 ways to manage your social media to create new patients.  Simply click on the TRAINING tab on this site and then SELECT - Webinars.  


You can also just CLICK HERE.





And...we're off!

The Smiles for Life 2011 started on March 1st and runs through June 30th.  If you placed your order for Whitening materials from Discus Dental you should already have them in hand.  You should also have received a media box that contains an order form for you to verify your office information for the cards to go in the counter stand.  Fax that form back to us and we'll get your cards ordered.   If you have any questions about how you can involve social media in your campaign this year, you can contact Chris George at Lava7.  He would be delighted to help you integrate social medial into your 2011 Smiles for Life Campaign.  You can reach him at   



Powerful Team Meetings - #13

You won't want to miss the new Powerful Team Meeting.  It's Andy Andrews who shares - I AM A PERSON OF ACTION.   He's fabulous.   If you go to the TRAINING tab on this site and select TEAM MEETINGS; it's the first one listed.   You'll also find there two of my favorites - BURN THE BOATS with Andy Andrews and the most watched of all our team meetings... POWER OF THE HONK with Neal Jeffrey.


Or, you can CLICK HERE!

MARCH'S “Mentor of the Month” Recording Just Released

Don't miss Shep Hyken and his presentation of ARE YOUR AMAZING YOUR PATIENTS.  You'll find it today under the TRAINING tab after you SELECT Mentor of the Month.   


Or, you can CLICK HERE




Crown Council member Adrian Fenderson posted a great video this week.  It's three minutes of a fabulous songfest at Heathrow Airport!   Enjoy!




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Comment by Catherine M. Dillard on March 3, 2011 at 10:21am
This is Great!  Loved Songfest, thank you for sharing!

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