If you grew up speaking English, you may not have thought it be so challenging to learn, but it is filled with some challenging word combinations.  You probably have become aware of words that are spelled the same but have different pronunciations and meanings such as when a bandage is wound around a wound.


Perhaps this article will convince you that you are smarter than you previously thought or give you some interesting challenges when it comes to choosing the words you write or say that have the meaning you intend.  We have words that spell the same but pronounce differently such as when you are describing a vegetable farmer who produces produce, or who did not object to the object found in his garden.  Then there are all of the words that are pronounced the same but spelled differently such as tose describing the girl who couldn’t wait to lose weight.


So for your entertainment and proper word selection perhaps you will enjoy this next paragraph.


 If you rule and reign do you suppose you would get wet as you would in the rain?  Having peace on earth is a piece of cake. It is interesting that the clerks ask you to swipe your credit card and don’t want you to steal (swipe) it. If you tend horses you will certainly want things to be stable in the stable. If you go on a diet, you will surely want your waist to go to waste.  It is well to read a lot so you will be well read.  When you are sight seeing you probably have not seen many a scene. And you may not be allowed to park in the park.   If you have children in school, you probably hope the principal is a person of principle. 


And on it goes.  Hopefully you have enjoyed this little discourse. Always write about things that are right. and don’t mean to be mean in the meantime.



Gregory B. Anderson–director

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