Different people have different ways of receiving information. Until you discover how a person receives information, you will not be sure you are being understood.  There are at least four ways a person might receive and interpret what you deliver.


1. The audio receiver.  This means that the receiving person hears and receives the information provided.  Auditory people listen to t he sound and tone of your voice.  They are very sensitive to the emotions conveyed by the tone and pitch of the voice.


2. The visual types need to see the words, and it is not clear to them until you draw a word picture.


3. Kinesthetic types must physically and emotionally feel what you are talking about before they can grasp it.


4. The fourth type is rare and refers to those who must physically experience what is being described.


Now you know that there are at least four ways people receive and interpret what is being said perhaps you will find it interesting to discover the learning style of those with whom you associate including members of your own family.


Gregory B. Anderson–Director

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