There was a time when every coin or paper dollar owned by an individual or company was backed in the government by some gold of equal amount.  Along the way somewhere that system was abandoned, but the government continued to determine the value of a dollar by way of a committee and in fact organized committees titled the Bureau of Standards.  Under the supervision of this bureau are organized committees concerned with testing and maintaining standards responsible with weights, measures, materials, purity, and quality.


An example of one of these is the pure food and drug committee.  It requires that all products under its jurisdiction must be approved by the right authority and all of the ingredients contained in each product must be specified on the label.   A great deal of our individual and collective health and welfare depends on the people with whom we do business.  We are vitally interested in knowing that what goes into our pill boxes and medicines has undergone accurate testing.


All of this is presented to suggest that each of us should reduce to writing the things that we want to govern our behavior–our occupational standards on the highest level   This is one of our opportunities that if we wish, we may establish our own bureau of standards including our cultural standards, or ethical standards, or moral standards, our occupational standards on the highest level.


This is to say that what we get out of life is dependent on what put into it.  What you put into it can be largely determined by what is in your personal bureau of standards.  Establish it today if you have not already done so and then be sure you live up to it.


Gregory B. Anderson–director





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