With all of the routine things we do daily, it is important that we have a purpose to guide and focus our desires and intentions.  It gives meaning and motivation to life’s direction.  When it is not in mind, subconsciously we might feel a little empty.   


In general, we are purposeful beings organized to master a purpose.  We are probably hard-wired for it.  We feel the need for a significant purpose when some prior purpose seems to have run its course or is no longer important to us.


Fortunately, most of us have many purposes, large and small.   These include such things as finishing school, getting into a career and in general taking care of the responsibilities of modern living.  We rarely lack for this kind of purpose.  It is more common to ask ourselves, “What is my true purpose?”  Is there a greater purpose to my life?  How can I give my life more meaning.”


When you have answered these questions and focused your life on the answers, you will experience a new kind of fulfillment–a kind of which there is perhaps no parallel. 


Gregory B. Anderson–Director

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