You may be surprised to discover that what you see not only effects your taste but influences you in many other ways.   Try this on for “see” food:


When a group of men were served a health-food drink, and asked to report its flavor, the response was significantly influenced by the color of the container from which they drank.   The drink that came out of the brown cup was reported to be “too strong.”  The drink coming from the red cup was reported to be “richer.”  That which came from the blue cup was reported to be “milder.”  That coming from the yellow cup was reported to be “too weak.”  The fact is that the color of the container sets up an expectation that actually affects the taste of  the drink.


Next time you are offered a handful of jelly beans, note that they come in a variety of colors.   You expect that the red ones will have a peppermint taste, the purple ones will have a grape flavor and the  yellow like lemon.  The chances are good that they are all flavored the same but seeing the colors will actually make them seem to taste different. 


 What about the other effects of color?  The color orange has been found to increase appetite.  For this reason, you will discover that fast food restaurants decorate inside and out with the abundant use of orange.


We could go on but the purpose of mentioning the effect of color is that it would be well to think intently about the effect of what you see on your actions and responses. Be sure you are acting on the basis of what you know and are not overly influenced by the introduction of color into your decision making.



Gregory B. Anderson–director

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