Feeling the Aloha and "Making It Happen" In Hawaii!!

If any of you have ever dreamed of taking a trip to Hawaii and surrounding yourselves in the local culture....this may be your lucky day!  Looking out the glass windows of Dr. Greg Hurtado's office in Waipio, Hawaii, I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, sun, and mostly--the local flavor of the people here in Hawaii.  One would think that on a small island surrounded by turquoise waters there would be a challenge with New Patient Flow, exceeding production and collection goals--even sparking interest of over 13 new patients doing Smiles for Life in the first week of the campaign, but no----Dr. Hurtado and his team don't let their location become an obstacle.  Dr. Hurtado has been committed to attending ToPS Courses in Dallas, sending team members, attending the Crown Council event faithfully---and involving his team in every aspect of growth whether it is in developing their careers, verbal skills, systems, or practice size. If some of you reading this have never had the opportunity to visit the island of Oahu (where Dr. Hurtado is located), there is a culture here like no other.  Originally from Hawaii, I quickly blend into my roots of growing up here---an island with diversity in people, food, and activities to enjoy outside of work that don't really mirror anyplace else.  Who do you know that can do a crown prep in the morning and be at the beach before sunset??  This team is a prime example of success in commitment and working together as a team to improve their ToPS Skills for their patient.  While together seeing patients all day, Dr. Hurtado's team continually did an effective Transfer of Power at the front desk for every patient, for every diagnosis, to include the doctor's Concern/URGency Message.  Without fail,the team had 100% acceptance for every treatment plan!  This in the midst of a recent Tsunami and where we have to "shell" out (pun intended) $4.50 for a gallon of gas, mind you. All I continued to tell the team with every successful Transfer of Power was, "Hana Hou!" which in Hawaiian means, "Do it again--ONE MORE TIME!" 


You too can get your Local feel for Hawaii while learning by joining us for the ToPS Total Immersion being held in Waikiki  at the Outrigger Reef Hotel on the Beach June 9th & 10th, 2011.   Dr. Hurtado and his team would most definitely welcome you with a "Warm Aloha!"

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