The problem of access to a creative nature seems to be that we work too much, eat too quickly, don’t get enough sleep, and feel hurried too much of the time.  We tell each other that we always feel rushed and have too little time to consider what we are doing.


The successful and creative people, however, claim that they usually come up with solutions to their problems or come up with really creative ideas when they are in the shower, dozing in the hammock, on vacation, or doing what they consider to be “nothing.”


The doing nothing idea has attracted the psychologists who now say that there is a great deal to be gained by doing what is generally considered to be “nothing.”  They say there is a great deal to be gained by at least slowing down a little.  Accomplished writers, artists, poets and musicians have testified about the value of slowing down a little and taking some time to think.  This being the case, it might be profitable to arrange one’s life so as to be slightly less frantic.  In the process, we might discover that there is a great deal to be gained by doing what might otherwise be called “nothing.” 


Tasks that have to do with empathy, imagination, ethics or solutions to challenging professional or family problems seem to come to the surface at truly unpredictable times.  So it might be well to arrange your life to be slightly less frantic with more thinking time–the time where you are not  concentrating on anything specific but just absorbing the atmosphere.


The psychologists say that the cognitive part of the brain works very fast so you can do a lot of reasoning, recognition of objects, and remembering of names in a few hundredths of a second. But the problem solving part of the brain works very differently. Tasks that have to do with imagination and creativity seem to develop in their own sweet time.  So what matters is that we honor and protect what seems to be classified as idleness which is our own seemingly uncreative time.  Creative work needs solitude.  This has been called a time when there is a whole sky to fly in, a place apart, a place in which to scribble and erase. 


All this considered, it would seem worthwhile to try some idleness and see if it is a gateway to your creative nature.  

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