This has to do with helping a good friend who is having a bad hair day. It happens regularly to everybody.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be the trusted friend who can be depended upon to provide an emotional boost that would be better than a dose of Prozac?  When things aren’t going well, it is natural to turn to someone who you know cares and understands you.                 


 Being there for someone in need is a gift you can give to someone who isn’t feeling on top.  The words of encouragement might be a statement of understanding.  Your expression could be that you understand what your associate is experiencing and you know they have the capability to work through it.  This will provide a much needed boost. 


It might be appropriate to rehearse some of the complex things that have been experienced successfully together.  Being one who is known to be a booster is a great credential to have.  Qualifying yourself in this way will also give yourself a lift.


Gregory B. Anderson–director


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